Audio Replay



The program Audio Dispatch (AD) can be configured to record voice traffic. For later analysis the program AudioReplay (AR) offers flexible filtering to quickly find and replay any transmission made by the participants of the radio network. Since Audio Dispatch create audio log files in a proprietary format containing time, source and destination information of a transmission, standard audio players cannot be used to play such files. However, Audio Replay offers functions to export data to a standard file format for use with commonly available player applications.




The following functionality is available in AR: 

         Listing of all recorded digital transmissions

      Navigation in a selected transmission

      Replay of transmissions on the audio output device of the PC

         Display of call data (timestamp, source, destination, duration of transmission)

         Filtering of transmissions by source, destination, destination type and time interval

         Export of selected transmissions to standard audio file format (.wav)

         Find activity in analog recordings (FM)

         Spectrum display


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