Device Gateway Communicator


The program modules of BIRCS donít communicate directly with the underlying radio hardware but use a middleware program DGC (Device Gateway Communicator) for that purpose. By using specific radio device drivers DGC isolates the application programs from the communication details pertaining to the radios by creating a standardized interface towards the application software layer. This enables the application programs to remain in service unchanged even if the radio hardware is replaced by a new generation or different brand of devices only by exchanging a driver. DGC can communicate with the devices connected to it using serial (RS-232, physical or virtual) or Ethernet interfaces.  Any communication protocol imaginable can be implemented within a specific radio device driver. Such device drivers not only can be used to control physical devices, they also serve to implement additional application specific data processing services if necessary.


For Motorola and Hytera DMR radios the following service protocols are implemented and drivers exist for DGC:




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