Selective Calling & Audio Messaging


SelCallCodec (SCC) is a 5 to 7-tone encoder/decoder program suited to work with audio coming from or sent to a radio. It works in conjunction with a soundcard interface connected to the PC and the radio. SCC can be used as a self-contained software application and it also integrates smoothly with the BIRCS suite of programs. While SCC acts as a server other programs can use its services as clients locally or over the network.

SCC supports selective call families ZVEI 1, ZVEI 2, DZVEI, CCIR and EEA. Decoded calls are broadcasted over the network and can be processed by other applications. 

The following functions are supported: 

AudioMessaging (AM) serves as a client to SelCallCodec (SCC). While the latter is intended to run on the radio server as a service-providing application AM will run on a dispatcher workstation. There it co-operates with the program Audio Dispatch (AD).  As a network audio stream to audio converter at a dispatcher’s workplace AD can be muted to shield the dispatcher from the nuisance of undesired communications.  

If Audio Messaging receives selective calls from SelCallCodec and one of two specifiable codes is matched AM instructs Audio Dispatch (AD) to unmute so the dispatcher will be able to hear a voice call directed to him. AM is also able to transmit codes entered over the dispatcher’s keyboard over the air using SelCallCodec running on the radio server.For more expressiveness incoming codes can be assigned a text message equivalent which is displayed in the activities window upon reception of that code.


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